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An Unique Fairy tale can become true.

An Unique Fairy tale -

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U. S., Luebeck


Weltweit /  Worldwide 


Germany, Luebeck, 2009 Dec. 19th


CC / Copy circulated

Free English translation


Please, let the German-language letter be translated truly and be handed over to people at Christmas time. Try to give the story the German fairytale style.


Christmas Fairy tale 2009


Dear Listeners and Readers via the Radio or Regional Newspaper,

Also my person does not whish to fail telling you a fairytale at the end of the year, with it everybody is able to get an idea of this, our time.

Once upon a time there was an Empress; she often was very sad, because money and the means are missed her, what she was needed for her very high function, mainly to be in charge of the justice and to establish order in the whole world.

Instead of it she had to toil her with fallen ill people and had to keep them happy, since the people wanted to place them over the Empress to stand not there as fools or idlers, because the Empress was a very wise woman and knew a lot more of the circuit of the life as the most nations of the world.

Something the Empress had known quite exactly, she knew that she was not alone, but nevertheless are set on her own and also she knew, that there some people of her nation would take advantage of these state.

So the Empress decided to stay alone not any longer and took a poor Prince as her husband, by it her plan may get through, which should change the whole world for the better.

Even that the fallen ill nation knew it and they were using it to full capacity, but the Empress had planed ahead of this matter. So in connection with the sun the truth of a lived life of a human being became simply exchangeable with an other lived life of a human being, because the Devil had spread out his power of the nations of the earth.

The Empress knew her nation very well and she knew, that she would lose her Emperor, whom met her before many years, because the vast majority of the nations were bound by the Devil.

For this reason the Empress already lost the King, whom met her the first time before many years,  where she had to notice, that something threatening had put its between this love,  what all nations of the earth threated to captured; it was something quite strange.

Upton that time the Empress met many men of honour, Princes and Earls and from time to time she fell in love again, olthough she was bound and placed by a Nobleman and had got two children.

For this reason the Empress and the sister of her, who had a similar destiny, became very ill and both had to fight for their lives very often.

After a long time the Empress became healthy but kept distrustful and tried to find out, what had be done at the nations of earth, with those her was not quite acquainted, so she had to learn especially during her hard illness, that the great variety of the whole Creation over earth could not be created and deeply rooted by only one Creator, there for she was able to collect quite surely evidences via sun.*

Now the Empress started getting contacts and connections by her own spirit strength via the Creation as a sender and via the spirit strength of her partially diseased nations as receivers, to let find out by the population of the nation, what may had happened with the circuit of life.

Still the fallen ill nations were of the opinion, that this matter resulted from only a sick woman and not from an Empress and they probably also imagined, that the woman only want to be the focus of interests and wanted to hold on to something, what was already out!

The nations were not able to recognise, that everybody had been fallen ill themselves and also the nations were not able to notice, by what and by whom may this had been happened.

There was remained only less time to hold the whole world in a balance and so the Empress had to worry about, that the Creator of the occidental human being race, by whom the Empress and her family had deep-rooted, did not go down and should be able to stay dominant, because the Creator of the Orients and his human being races, also his animal races was in a great style provided regularly by the widespread deaths and in that way, he could be able to develop and to became powerful.

Now it happened, that the Empress was able to notice and to understand the sense and the commision, which the Creator had addressed her, what many years ago had happened as a threat at a quite specially scene of action and so the Empress knew in the meantime, that by the changing of “the wedding couples” also by “the wedding of the nations” could become managed new connections.

So the Empress started to warn her nations by writing very angry letters to the population. She started to hand over information and orders and developed good plans for a future and a possible new beginning.

But it does not helped nothing at all, the Empress kept poor and her sister kept sick, because how should she act, should or could she take her wealth, if at the same time the world was governed by wars and famines?

She could not ask the Emperor and the King at the frontline, because she did know surely, that the two Authorities had become not any chance.

The sign of time became clearer and the earth started to defend itself, however the Empress already had a colourful sceptre and it were all colours with it, known and unknown colours.

Also she had looked for a castle and found the right one, which belonged her for the half; the other half belonged to the Emperor, but between those possessions was laying the whole world.

The Empress had studied the human beings and consequently the Devil and she knew, that the Devil was laughing and daily was making booty, because all bishops were fallen in a deep sleep and so they noticed any more, what the point was and the Empress also knew, that the Devil wanted to have the Pope!

And the Empress shouted out: You sick beasts, you, come to yourselves and start at last concentrating on the essential points, you full swallow nation!

She wanted to achieve, that in Africa, Asia and all over the world, human beings stay alive, especially for those ones, the death already was a settled matter, also because there were found Princes and Princesses and she wanted to prevent, that the unprotected life in the womb of a woman became killed, because these valuablenesses were required for a future.

She settled to impose on hard punishments and laid down a dogma, since in that atomic age the population of the most nations were vested with encodings and so the strangers were able to make it for the use and profit from it.

It was a question of time to might hold upright the Devil circuit, since there had to be gone a wedding in the very highest spheres.

The strange turned out, divided and reproduced itself. But still it came something new in addition to it.

Now there existed two different aggressors from different directions with different possibilities, at which life stood in its own light, because it had associated with that strange to be able to save the whole universe.

This the Empress and her attendants had to understand and they had to be able to recognize, who has got been the command under the sun.

For this reason the Empress shouted out: You will do obedience, otherwise, but that explode!

Also she still knew, that before the World explodes would come uninvited visitors and they would do and let everything, what the human being had allowed himself with his subjects (animals and human beings), if the nations disobey obedience. {#emotions_dlg.alien}{#emotions_dlg.alien}  {#emotions_dlg.alien} {#emotions_dlg.alien}               {#emotions_dlg.alien}{#emotions_dlg.alien}  {#emotions_dlg.alien} {#emotions_dlg.alien}{#emotions_dlg.alien}  {#emotions_dlg.captain} {#emotions_dlg.alien} {#emotions_dlg.devil} {#emotions_dlg.alien}         {#emotions_dlg.alien}{#emotions_dlg.alien}{#emotions_dlg.alien}{#emotions_dlg.alien}

Now the Empress wanted to use the sign of time and wanted to pull the coals out of the hell with her colourful sceptre, but she had to be sure, that the King and the Emperor would leave their hometown and would take up their place of residences in a suitable castle, at which her Prince Consort got a special protection.

She had objection, that everything would start at once or it would somebody harmed, if not would have done that measure, because the time and the strength for a repetition was not available.

And again the Empress shouted out: I claim back every penny, which I have paid for you and people like you, but otherwise you will become acquainted with me!

Meanwhile she had determined a northern nation, which should represent the worldwide government, while the Ambassadors of this country should form the governmental power under the true King J. and the Emperor would hold the upper hand.

Also the worldwide force of arms was fixed and determined, so that a mighty western country and a mighty Asian country were planned for it.

It was a difficult task to undertake, because there where ruler in the world, which heavy crimes had committed or which did not want to give up their status as a ruler.

However, the Empress ordered that every mass murderer or every felon should get his chance to escape from the claws of the Devil, however, a suitable and highly adequate consideration must be brought forth, what has to be valid for every person accordingly in the same manner.

She ordered, that the capital punishment is scrapped and only subject to the Creator as a judge. She ordered, that the torture is put immediately under a strict ban and some prisoners are to be let free immediately, however she put exceptions, because sexual offenders and repetition culprits got their freedom later, if these are secured by the Cudgel of the Empress also immediately and the remained guilt might be to do, as every unpunished culprit.  

There was a long things-to-do list for all people far and wide, however, the Empress knew, that the time pressed and the Creation would take care for a balance of power and plans this, because now disasters, natural disasters, epidemics and illnesses had to be already thrown in the balance tray.

And the Empress exclaimed: You ill nation do not want to go, if it is about time and let be operated you for expensive, borrowed money still at the old age, if at the same time thousands of children must die, only because no means are left for a tetanus vaccination, insect nets and clean drinking water.

Who do you think you are?

The Empress could not calm down at all and exclaimed once more:

Child employment and child prostitution are nothing unusual and you and your equals travel as tourists, politicians and businessmen in these countries and do look for only the sunny side of a country and this quite for years??

You twisted whippersnappers got now the opportunity to show, whether you own really also luminary and class!

And she decided for the beginning that everybody, who leads a luxury life and burdens the environment by a luxury car, amongst other things must calculate in future on the fact, that young people with impunity might spray these vehicles with graphite paintings and these are not to be removed from an expert or even get a new finish.

Latest the penny would be dropped, if the matching villa of people of the rich be another victim of missing creativity and wasted talents, the Empress thought up herself.

Already as a young girl the Empress could not suffer the dirt, which met her and her reflexion indicated to her over and over again. Thus she held on in her mirror and dreamt of something other.

At that time she could not know yet, that just she should get the ball rolling and had to get in such a high office, to remind and indicate other people, that there would be something else than life on earth.

Also other people had to find out, that these were planned for a certain task or for a certain position and they recognised their occupation and their vocation.

It should become a restructuring of the whole earth and in a manner also of the different human races, because an uniform culture might to be aimed.

The Empress considered everybody and everything and knew, that nobody may be let go off and thus she remained at the front, there where a ruler belongs and should lead the heavenly host.

Nobody could know, how the fairy tale would end and if the Dignities, according to the Empress, have not died, still today they are bothering.

  2010* still valid



Please, let the enclosed German letter be translated completely and be sent over also to Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq and everywhere the terrorists are staying or fighting!

Every terrorist has to get the chance of changing and to become free, but every of them have to give back a very high correspondingly work!

Thank you,

U. S. Empress

Germany,  Luebeck, 2010-01

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